Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Here and ready for ACTION

Hey I am back, and ready for Action! Not really sure just where I have been, except full of discouragment! You know the world is so full of stuff, and more stuff that will completely take your focuse off of JESUS CHRIST! My last post was early part of SEPT. that is poor, I am so sorry. Please take the time to read even in the midst of the crossroad that your in! I was thinking how fall is such a beautiful time of the year. Leaves change color and the temp dropps, and its like everything is at a Crossroad facing change! Our lives are a lot like nature when fall arrives, we face change. We face obstacles, we face trials, we face at times the deepest and most roughest waters, we come face to face with LIFE, and Life is tough, and it really does not care how it hits or even how hard it hits you, we face ups & downs, we face security and we face challenges like climbing a mountain, it's steep, it's rough, it may be even cold. But the question when life hits us head on, how do we respond? God calls us to respond by falling on our knees, and into a time of just calling on Jesus and then waiting! Easy? NO! BUT moving with power? YES! Remember this as I am, GOD IS FOR YOU, NOT AGAINST YOU! The Love of God is so deep, so wide, it is so GREAT! I Love Jesus! Have a great day!