Sunday, January 18, 2009

Man we need Jesus!!!

Have you ever just stopped and realized just how much Jesus is needed in your life? Have you ever just cried out, "Jesus I Need YOU."? Today I am reminded that people need Jesus. Not only do they need the Living God, they need to be reminded that the Living God is crazy about you and me! Sometimes I feel so far out that if not careful I lose sight of where God has called me to be! You see living for Jesus is what life is all about, because without Jesus well, there is NOT LIFE! People are suffering with cancer, heart failure, diseases of all kinds, and suffering is all around us. People are hurting and only Jesus can see us through the battles of life that we face! I have a really good friend who is struggeling with physical problems, from liver cancer, to battling the pains of the cancer. My own family, with $ struggles to hurts and pains! The Bible clearly tells us that we are to bare each others burdens! I believe that if healing is going to be seen in the church then the church must carry the burdens of each of. I mean to really bare the hurts of what our brothers and sisters and burdened with! God help us to to truly stand in the GAP for each other! I Love My Wife, I love my 2 daughters, I Love Jesus Christ! Living to Please the MASTER!