Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Having 2 girls is great and very rewarding, yet at the same time very challenging and sometimes even scary. Being a dad I am more and more realizing that for my two little girls it is SO huge for them! I found myself at JcPennies the other day wanting to buy dresses and little pink shirts for my girls to keep them little girls! The world we live in does not really care about morals, ethics or Jesus! By my desire is for me and my house to be ROCK solid in Jesus, to be people of high integrity, of great morals, yet as I work at this as a Dad, the world seems to be pulling at them with all kinds of sick and evil things! My prayer is Lord keep them safe, yet make them extremely dangerous for the Kingdom, fill them up to over flowing with the Holy Spirit and then place your thumb in their back daring them to be different. Being in the world as Jesus put yet NOT of the world, is a very challenging occurrence that seems to going on and on! Lord Jesus, I place Kailey and Lauryn at your feet, protect them, keep them, hold them in Jesus Name, I plea your blood over them, and I ask that they become grounded in You, rooted in you, and live life to please you! Bless them Father, and empower them in everything they do, and thanks for allowing me the awesome honor of being their daddy! Amen!

Friday, December 17, 2010


I met with a pastor friend of mine just the other day, as we shared one of the constant phrases that was spoken from him was just how blessed he really was! Well, I since then have been reflecting on just how blessed I AM! The truth is I AM BLESSED! I live in the land of the Free, I know Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior, I have been called by God, which I have answered to with a glad heart. I have the most awesome wife in the world and our marriage ROCKS I am BLESSED, I have the worlds most beautiful girls in which I am very proud of! I drive a nice car, rent a nice town home. I have an electric blanket with several other blankets, I have a roof over my head, I have Great health, with a great appetite, I AM BLESSED! I love life, I love and enjoy living life to the full to the glory and honor of my King, I am BLESSED! I have great friends, who love me enough to be honest with me, I AM BLESSED! I have a hamster that loves me and eats the food I give, I AM BLESSED! I enjoy living with the JOY of the LORD who IS MY STRENGTH, I am thankful for the cross that Jesus died on for me! I love laughter, and making people laugh, I AM BLESSED! I am surrounded by prayer warriors who are lifting me up daily, I AM BLESSED! I am love by HIM who knows all, sees everything yet LOVES ME unfailingly, I AM BLESSED