Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thankful for New Joy!

Learning daily that more than anything being a Christian leader is about falling more and more in love with Jesus! Having a lifestyle of great devotion to my King who died for me! We have a new Leadership team at our church and it is awesome, there is great movements of the Holy Spirit, there is unity, there is hope for a brighter tomorrow, there is peace, there is a hunger to reach lost, broken, and hurting people! After reading 1 Peter I have been praying Father renew the joy of my salvation! Living life for Jesus Christ is the only way to live there is nothing that can compare! The bible talks about Being full of JOY, well, I can say that I have much joy, yes our congregation is only 11 people but it is not the size of our church that makes the difference it is the size of our God! My hope and prayer for CCCN is that we live to bless others, we live to serve others, we live to bring glory and honor to our King, we live life abiding in Christ and His word in us, that we would be risk takers for the greater good of reaching man kind, that we would be faithful in giving, faithful in following and faithful in Leading! I love Jesus Christ more than anything, and I am so blessed to be able to be the vessel that God himself fills up and uses! All of Jesus is more than enough for all of ME! I am praying for God's people, I am praying for our love for Jesus and for others to over flow from our lives! Today I am learning to lean on Jesus and to Trust him with all of my heart, to lean not in MY own understanding, but to acknowledge Him and He will direct my paths! Today is a bright day, and today is a great day, and today is going to be good, because I am walking with Him who knows all, sees all, and loves me unfailingly! I love my wife and my two girls, I am blessed! Thankful to be able to serve as Restart leader and Pastor of Crossroads Community Church of the Nazarene.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Life goes on...

Well, life @ CCCN has been very eventful in the last few weeks! We have had 5 people decide to leave and get away from what God is so wanting! I praise God today for people who left who so needed to be gone! My heart grieves for them, but the truth is our services have been so FREE and wow does that feel good! Not real sure what I am to do as far as building the church! This is tough, and I am asking God to make clear for me His direction that He is wanting me to take! At this time in my life I am even questioning am I really supposed to continue in being a pastor, well I know that I am until God tells me other wise! My wife has been broken, hurting and even angry over the issues that have been at hand in our church! For sure what ever the Lord's will is for CCCN it for sure has not been what has been going on for the last 9 months! Well, we took a trip to Iowa just to get out of dodge and that was a real blessing because it was what we all needed! I love the church, but am really bothered by people who try to make the church fit around what they want. We must remember Life goes on, and the church of Jesus Christ is HIS bride not ours! We need the church, we need Jesus, We need each other! I love Jesus, and love the fact that Life Goes On!