Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I love waking up feeling so good that it just makes you want to laugh and then laugh some more. Laughter is God designed and so healthy for us. In fact they say that laughter is healing, if this is true then this could mean that taking some time just to laugh out loud might just be in our best interest! It is so funny and awesome how God made us all with our own unique laugh! Some people laugh out loud with their hand over their mouth, or some people snort, or some people even get this twitch when they get laughing real hard! Life is funny, perhaps your reading this thinking hey my life is not funny, but you know every situation we are in, will be always give us time to reflect upon and even give some laughter about! My wife is really funny when she starts on a laughing spree, it is like an explosion of fun just come out of her. It is so funny to watch and hear her that it gets me laughing! I am a firm believer that some people take life so serious that if they tried to smile they would crack the skin because it has been too long! My prayer is that I would live life having fun, laugh over the good and the bad and have the courage to do it out loud! Thanks giving is coming up and I am so thankful God made me a fun hearted person a lot like my mom! LOL!

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