Monday, September 20, 2010


Have you ever tried to so hard to believe in what seems to be impossible? Sometimes that might just be getting up in the morning depending on the day before that you might have had. Believing in the impossible is tough, believing for God who can do the impossible and does the impossible every day, to specifically do the impossible in your area of concern! Why is it that believing in the impossible is so hard? How is it that we find ourselves always looking and trying to figure out impossible tasks? I believe, but just that in and of itself is not enough. The bible says that the demons in hell believe there is God and shudder and the sound of His name, so just to believe is not enough! I think life is full of impossibility yet so often we try to figure out how on our own we can make it work! What is it today that is looking you directly in the face and screaming out IMPOSSIBLE? God knows just because He made us that we are unable to do anything with out HIM! I know I need Jesus, and I know that apart from Jesus no mountain is going to get out of my way! But still the question is how can the impossible be accomplished, how can the task that lies ahead be overcome with victory, and when if ever will we see the results that so hard you find yourself searching for? Jesus today help me in my unbelief, enrich my faith, and empower my walk today, in CHRIST!!!

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